Jack Ma

  • Thrives in fast-paced, collaborative environments
  • Wide range of interests including algorithms, distributed systems, deep learning, finance, and formal verification
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B.S., Computer Science-Mathematics
Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA
Graduated with Distinction in May 2014
Graduated with Honors in CS
Extracting Flexible, Replayable Models from Large Block Traces
In the proceedings of the 10th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technology
Vasily Tarasov, Santhosh Kumar, Erez Zadok (Stony Brook University);
Jack Ma, Geoff Kuenning (Harvey Mudd College);
Dean Hildebrand, Anna Povzner (IBM Almaden)
Work Experience
Member of Technical Staff
Upthere, Inc.
October 2015 — August 2017
  • Developing software running on embedded devices.
  • Developing OCR for scanned documents and face recognition for photos.
  • Created monitoring and dashboard tools for Upthere's stack.
  • Built Upthere's corporate website.
  • Improved Upthere's search and web infrastructure.
Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Ceph, microservices, Web, Golang
Amazon.com, Inc.
June 2014 — October 2015
  • Launched several browsing engagement experiences for Amazon Fashion across Amazon.com, increasing annual revenue by +$16MM.
  • Launched Kindle Bookstore for the Amazon Fire Phone.
  • Led team through development process as scrum master.
  • Spearheaded several hardware and software migration efforts.
Mobile web, Spring MVC, Java
AWS Infrastructure Intern
Amazon.com, Inc.
May 2013 — August 2013
  • Designed and implemented a service analysis service to achieve better utilization at lower cost with AWS hardware.
  • Advised Amazon service owners in identifying optimal hardware types for their services using this tool.
Rails, Redshift, S3, RDS
Clinic Project Manager
Quantcast Corporation &
Harvey Mudd College
August 2012 — May 2013
  • Developed a GPU data compression and analysis library to offload computation onto the GPU.
  • Designed and developed several parallel Huffman Encoding algorithms using CUDA framework.
DevOps Intern
Hulu, LLC
June 2012 — August 2012
  • Developed a tracker for networked assets on the Hulu campus using device locations, user logins, VPN logins, and arbitrary data sources. Developed a visualization web application.
  • Integrated a multi-user, privileged, web-based password safe into existing infrastructure.
SNMP, Rails, Python, MySQL
CS Tutor/Grader & Staff
Harvey Mudd College
Fall 2010 — Spring 2014
  • Tutored and graded computer science courses, including Algorithms, Distributed Systems, and Programming Languages.
  • Maintained and managed the department's machine cluster.
File Systems & Storage Lab
Stony Brook University
January 2013 — May 2013
  • Developed an analysis framework to extract various characteristics of changes between file system snapshots using MapReduce.
  • Researched in collaboration with EMC Corporation.
MapReduce (MRJob)
Budapest, Hungary
March 2012 — May 2012
  • Involved in debugging Turbine, a complex network perturbation analysis toolkit.
File Systems & Storage Lab
Stony Brook University
June 2011 — October 2011
  • Contributed to Trace2Model, a method to compress and approximate file system traces using modeling.
  • Developed a set of trace tools for Linux that collect, model, store, and emulate system and I/O traces.
  • Researched in collaboration with IBM Almaden Research.
C++, SystemTap, blktrace, Filebench, DataSeries
Independent Projects
Dacula High School
2009, 2010
  • Designed and implemented a better way for English instructors and students to learn vocabulary.
  • Provided English instructors an online tool to generate quizzes and provided students a desktop application to study. They were used weekly by the school's English department.
Google App Engine, Java
Standardized Testing

Independent Project
Dacula High School
  • Created a standardized exam environment by limiting the functionality of TI-83/84 family graphing calculators.
  • Developed the environment as a TI-83/84 calculator application in the Z80 Assembly programming language using hardware linking protocols, operating system hacks, and remote software injection. It was deployed and beta-tested.
Z80 Assembly
Leadership and Activities (Highlights)
Engineer Recruiting
Interviewed potential software engineers for Amazon
November 2014 — October 2015
Hardware Manager
Managed engineering hardware for Amazon Fashion
October 2014 — October 2015
Class President
Served four years as class president at Harvey Mudd
Fall 2010 — Spring 2014
Organized Caltech Harvey Mudd Math Competition
Fall 2012
Computing Committee, Harvey Mudd College
Fall 2011
System Administrator
Computing and Information Services Department
Fall 2011
Canada/USA Mathcamp
Summer 2009, Summer 2010
Attended SOSP '11 (Portugal), FAST '12 (San Jose), Turing Celebration '12 (SF), OSDI '12 (Hollywood), NSDI '14 (Seattle), KDD '16 (SF), NIPS '16 (Barcelona)
Recognitions and Awards (Highlights)
Class of 1994 Prize – Harvey Mudd Computer Science
Honorable Mention
CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher
Dean's List
Harvey Mudd College
All possible semesters
Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award
2008, 2009
Naval Research Award
1st place
Computer Science, Georgia State Science and Engineering Fair
1st place
Computer Science, Gwinnett County Science and Engineering Fair
2008, 2009
SOSP 2011 Student Grant (Sponsored by Facebook)
FAST 2012 Student Grant
ACM SIGOPS Student Grant for ACM Turing Centenary Celebration
OSDI 2013 Student Grant
NSDI 2014 Student Grant
Other Activities
Seattle Pro Musica, Seattle
August 2014 — October 2015
Sine Nomine Renaissance Choir, Seattle
August 2014 — October 2015
Claremont Concert Choir; Chamber Choir
Fall 2010 — Spring 2014
Claremont Concert Orchestra; Chamber Music Ensemble
Fall 2010
Sontag Dorm, Harvey Mudd College
Fall 2012 — Spring 2014
Social Representative
Sontag Dorm, Harvey Mudd College
Fall 2010 — Spring 2011
Certified Official
USSF Grade 8 Soccer Referee
Fall 2008 — Spring 2010
1 = "I can pick it up again quickly"
5 = "I am awesome at it!"
Languages C++/C Erlang Golang Haskell Java Javascript Python Ruby Scheme Experience Full Stack Dev Mobile Web Networking Distributed Systems MapReduce Databases Embedded Devices Cryptology Assembly Prog. Benchmark & Traces Relevant Subjects Studied Algorithms Concurrency Combinatorics Computer Vision Distributed Systems Graph Theory Machine Learning Numerical Analysis Operating Systems Operations Research Programming Lang. Related Subjects Studied Linguistics Quantum Computing Abstract Algebra Entrepreneurship Typography Other LaTeX MATLAB Mathematica
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